Aotearoa's Premier Hard Kombucha

Oh, hey there! We're stoked to see you.


Let us tell you a little something about Beach Booch:

Our booch is made the proper way - organic green and black tea, organic natural cane sugar, kick started by our unique Beach Booch culture. Once it's perfect, we add some super-special yeast and bring it up to 5% ABV. Only once we are happy that the kombucha is bang-on do we add our unique flavours of fruits, herbs and spices to being you your new favourite gorgeous booch.

Beach Booch is a celebration of Aotearoa  New Zealand and the flavours are inspired by some of our  favourite Kiwi spots - 90 Mile Booch (grapefruit ginger), Ocean Booch (peach chilli), Raglan Booch (berry lemon sage). And keep an eye out for our new special flavour, coming soon.

Available in 3 flavours, every can of Beach Booch is vegan, gluten-free, made with organic ingredients and because it's lower in sugar and contains no nasty artifical stuff, you going feel much better in the morning. Oh and and as it contains live culture, just remember to keep it cold or it's going to get a little funky!

Drop us a line if you have any questions and can't wait for you to try your Beach Booch.

So head on into the shop and choose your favourite